Incidents in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks


Ash Mountain 
September 2— A ranger responded to Buckeye Flat Campground for a 33-year-old male who fractured his leg when he slipped and fell at the river. The patient was transported to the hospital by family.
—There were multiple bear sightings in Potwisha and Buckeye Flat Campgrounds throughout the week.
September 1— Rangers responded to Lodgepole Campground for an overdue hiker up valley from the Tokopah Falls trail. The 55-year-old male was found just after dark near the falls and was not prepared for night travel or backpacking. He was visiting the park with a friend and had hiked beyond the falls to scatter a friends remains.
September 2— Lodgepole Ambulance-6 EMTs responded to Lower Sherman where unrelated, back-to-back-to-back bee stings were treated. One patient lost, then regained, consciousness and was transported to Red Fir for Life Flight transport. The other two patients refused care or transport.
September 1— Lodgepole rangers came upon a vehicle stopped in the middle of the  Generals Highway near the Four Guardsmen because a woman had fallen into the roadway. The woman refused care. The driver of the vehicle believes he had been traveling under the posted speed due to congestion in the area and was thus able to avoid running over the woman.
Mineral King
August 29— Rangers received a report that a 25-year-old male in the Little Five Lakes area had been thrown from a mule. Patient care was provided on scene by a wilderness ranger and trail crew members. The patient suffered a back injury and was not ambulatory. A short-haul operation was conducted by Helicopter-552. The patient was medevaced to Ash Mountain Helibase and transferred to a ground ambulance for transport to a local hospital.
August 31— A call came in at 7:45 p.m. of a single-vehicle rollover on Mineral King Road above the ranger station with minor injuries. Rangers responded and found a Jeep off of the roadway on its side with a single occupant outside the vehicle who refused medical care. Statements were collected on scene and an investigation was continued the next day.
Kings Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon National Park experienced heavy visitation over the Labor Day weekend. Many large groups exceeded occupancy limits. The Grant Tree parking filled beyond capacity several times.
The U.S. Forest Service land adjacent to Cedar Grove had hundreds of campers and many illegal fires. The trailheads in Cedar Grove quickly filled beyond capacity.
Grant Grove
August 27— Rangers began a search for a family who was reported to be overdue and had missed at least one day of work. They were located and found safe. There was confusion with family and the employer over when they would return home.
September 1—  A 23-year-old male hiker was flown from Roaring River after becoming ill. A ranger responded with stock to provide a horse evacuation, but found the man too ill to travel. Helicopter-552 responded and transferred him to a ground ambulance.
September 2— Rangers responded to Quail Flat to assist USFS personnel with a 31-year-old pregnant female who had been bitten in the mouth by a bee. She was in extreme distress and provided Advanced Life Support care, then transported to a hospital.
September 2— Visitors camping in an undesignated area started a fire near Panoramic Point. A wildland fire engine responded and extinguished the fire. The visitors were cited for several offenses.
September 3— Grant Grove and Cedar Grove rangers provided mutual aid to the California Highway Patrol when a vehicle went off the road and hit a rock wall near Boyden Caverns. One patient was transported by a Sequoia-Kings Canyon ambulance, then transferred to a Fresno
County EMS ambulance. Rangers provided traffic control while the vehicle was extricated and loaded on a tow truck.
Sierra Crest
August 26— A climber on Thunderbolt Peak was injured. The incident was transferred to Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.
August 27— A 60-year-old lost female day-hiker was found after an unintended night out. She was evacuated to the Lone Pine Airport.
August 28— A 56-year-old male fell from a horse, receiving multiple traumatic injuries. The patient was transported by Helicopter-552 and transferred to a ground ambulance.
August 28— A patient with an eye injury was flown by Helicopter-552 to McKenzie Helispot, then transferred to a ground ambulance.
August 29— A 77-year-old female suffering from respiratory distress was transported by Helicopter-552 to the Ash Mountain Helibase, then transferred to a ground ambulance.
September 1— A 69-year-old male suffered multiple traumatic injuries in a fall. The patient was transported by Helicopter-552 to the Ash Mountain Helibase where he was transferred to a ground ambulance.
September 2— A 74-year-old female with an ankle and leg injuries was evacuated by Helicopter-552 from Dollar Lake then transported by ambulance for definitive care.
Cedar Grove
September 1— Rangers cited individuals for unattended fires, out-of-bounds camping, off-road travel, improper food storage, pets left unattended, littering, and too many occupants per site.
September 2— Rangers responded to the Cedar Grove Visitor Center for a 36-year-old male with eye trauma from a stick. The patient’s wife transported him to a hospital by private vehicle.
September 2— Rangers responded to a 17-year-old male at Roads End Permit Station with high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE). The patient and his father had quickly ascended to altitude from the Sierra’s east side over Kearsarge Pass. The patient began exhibiting symptoms of HAPE on September 1 at East Lake and hiked out to Roads End on September 2. At Roads End, the HAPE had mostly resolved and the patient was no longer in distress.
September 2— Rangers responded to a hiker with reported heat illness one mile up the Hotel Creek Trail. Rangers found the patient was able to walk with encouragement. He was hiked down to the trailhead and refused medical care.
Wilderness Branch
—The Wilderness Office was open each day of the Labor Day weekend.
—Three forage areas were closed to stock grazing for the remainder of the season: Big Pete Meadow, Dusy Creek, and Charlotte Creek. Upper Crabtree Meadow forage area had its grazing limit extended.
—The Wilderness Coordinator represented Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks at a California Cooperative Snow Surveys meeting for the San Joaquin, Kings, and Kaweah river basins.

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