Incidents in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: July 2-8, 2018


PARK VISITATION: January-May, 2018

Sequoia National Park: 362,712
Kings Canyon National Park: 167,607
Year-to-date total: 530,319


Sequoia National Park
Ash Mountain 
July 5—The swiftwater rescue team responded to a report of a man stranded on a rock in the middle of the Kaweah River near Hospital Rock. As rescue personnel were arriving on scene, the man was able to get himself back to the shore without assistance. 
July 4—Rangers and Ambulance 6 respond to an ankle injury at Dorst Creek Campground. Patient was carried out with bystander assistance and transported in Ambulance 6 to relay with Fresno EMS. 
July 4—Call out after hours for a “large fire” left unattended in the Lodgepole Campground. A ranger responded and located a large log sticking out from an illegal fire ring. With the help of campers the firepit was put out.  
July 5—Call out in the early morning for a motorcycle accident with injuries south of Wuksachi. Rangers and Ambulance 6 responded. Patient had a possible broken collarbone and was assessed on scene before denying ambulance transport. Accident occurred when a bear ran across
the road, the motorcycle hitting its rear end. The bear ran off. The patient was fortunate to have been wearing a helmet, the exterior of which showed significant gouges from hitting the road.
July 6—Rangers respond to vehicle vs deer near Dorst Creek after hours. A dead deer was located along with several pieces of a Ford truck, which was no longer at the scene.
July 7—Rangers responded with Ambulance 6, Bear Techs, and Engine 72 to a 63-year-old female with an ankle injury at Dorst Creek. Patient was short hauled to a nearby landing zone and transported to Ash mountain helibase, where she was transferred to an ambulance.  
July 8—Around 2:30 am, Ambulance 6 responded to a 61-year-old male from Ohio staying at the Wuksachi Lodge complaining of severe abdominal pain. The patient was transported by ambulance to the hospital.
High Sierra
July 8—Rangers responded to a mutual aid request from Inyo County for an individual that reported a loss of consciousness and other maladies along the Shepherd Saddle Trail, a few miles outside the park. Rangers assessed the patient and guided a helicopter to the scene. During the incident, the Georges Fire started and began to threaten the area of operation. The aircraft was able to evacuate the patient, but was unable to return for the ranger and the three other individuals on scene. They hiked up the trail toward the National Park to avoid any danger from the fire.  
Kings Canyon National Park
Grant Grove 
July 2—Rangers from Grant Grove and Lodgepole responded with Engine 52 and Ambulance 5, USFS Engine 4, CHP, and Fresno EMS to a UTV vs. vehicle accident at San Joaquin group camp. A 20-year-old female received a laceration to the face, and another 20-year-old female was entrapped in the UTV. Engine 5 extricated the patient and patient care was transferred to an ambulance from Fresno EMS. The entrapped patient was later transported to CRMC via air ambulance from McKenzie helispot. 
July 4—Rangers managed traffic during the Wilsonia Fourth of July parade. 
July 4—Rangers, Engine 52, and a USFS LEO responded to a report of a vehicle fire outside the park on Hwy 180. At about the same time, they also responded to a separate report, of a vehicle off the side of Hwy 180 outside the park. No vehicle fire or accident could be located. 
July 4—Trailcrew at Roaring River was contacted by a 36-year-old female with an infected foot injury. The park helicopter was requested the next day and evacuated the patient to Ash Mountain helibase. Courtesy transport was provided back to her vehicle. 
July 8—A 64-year-old man hiking the Big Baldy trail wandered into Redwood Canyon and became stranded. Rangers hiked to his location and escorted him back to their vehicle. This is the second such incident in as many weeks, and the rescuers noted that numerous wildlife and social trails south of the summit are confusing and possibly leading visitors in the wrong direction. Warnings of that hazard are being prepared for posting.
Sierra Crest 
July 5—A Wilderness Ranger/EMT responded to a satellite device report of a 64-year-old male with a possible dislocated artificial hip at Evolution Lake. The park helicopter was requested with ALS providers and evacuated the patient to Bishop Airport, where he was transferred to a ground ambulance. 
July 5—A Wilderness Ranger/EMT responded to a report of a 19-year-old male with an altered level of consciousness and increased weakness over 5 days, at upper Evolution Valley. The park helicopter was requested with LE & ALS providers and evacuated the patient to Bishop Airport, where he was transferred to a ground ambulance.
July 8—Grant Grove Rangers managed the rescue of a 19-year-old male who suffered a burn to his foot after spilling boiling water on it at Rae Lake. The Charlotte Lake Ranger/EMT responded and found two patients in need of evacuation. The second was a 31-year-old female with an Achilles injury. Both patients were flown to the Ash Mt. Helibase and transferred to a ground ambulance.
Cedar Grove
July 4—Rangers responded to two males being verbally disorderly at the Roads End beach.
July 7—Rangers managed crowds of 100+ visitors swimming at Roads End and diverted multiple bears from the beach area.
July 7—Trailhead ranger reported a fire in the East Creek drainage to Ash Mountain Fire. Fire crews responded and engaged the 10-acre fire. Cause of fire is still under investigation.
July 8—Received a report of a missing party who ran the Rae Lakes Loop that started very late the previous day. The unprepared party spent the night at Upper Paradise and was cited for Out of Bounds camping.

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