Jazzaffair 2019: High Sierra Jazz Band, Earl McKee, and the end of an era in retrospect

As difficult as it is to believe, the last Jazzaffair (2019) was one year ago last weekend. Fittingly, it rained Saturday, like it has during many of the those 46 jazz festival weekends.

So many memories of our 24 years as the printed Commonwealth, and now one year later, the digital 3 Rivers News, are grounded in where we were and what we were doing during Jazzaffair. Seventh-grade fundraisers, rotating venues like the White Horse and The Indian, and who could ever forget all those young jazz musicians (Brady McKay, Jeff Barnhart, Sherri Colby, et al.) taking a playful romp in the mud inside the tent at Lions Arena? Jazzaffair 2019

Among the indelible memories and friends we have made at Jazzaffair, the jazz club, the surviving members of High Sierra Jazz Band, and the entire Three Rivers community will forever remember Jazzaffair 2019. It marked the passing of Earl McKee, the Grand Finale of High Sierra Jazz Band and, for all us, the end of an era. Jazzaffair 2019

It was the end of an era of innocence when one year later shelter in place and the shutting down of the world as we know it makes perfect sense to save ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic.    

To rekindle those memories of the world we have lost, and commemorate those days when the good times rolled  — 3 Rivers News presents a penetrating look back in four parts into what High Sierra Jazz Band meant to the traditional jazz world and, more importantly, what Earl McKee meant to his peers, his friends, and to the people of Three Rivers. Jazzaffair 2019

Thanks for the memories, High Sierra. Jazzaffair 2019



One thought on “Jazzaffair 2019: High Sierra Jazz Band, Earl McKee, and the end of an era in retrospect

  • April 24, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    Thanks for the Friday edition (4/24/2020) of the Commonwealth. Makes my day here in Redondo Beach brighter. Hope the be up there this next week before all the wild flowers are gone.


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