You can count on us for your resupply needs this summer.

There have been some recent wording changes on the Forest Service website with respect to JMT travel.  The wording seems to indicate that leaving the wilderness at any time causes your wilderness permit to be voided, and that a new permit would be required to re-enter the wilderness.  Taken literally, this poorly worded sentence would mean that you must walk from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal without exiting the wilderness.  That is obviously not the intent of the wording change, because that would eliminate all but the hardy few who can make the ~220-mile trek without a resupply (or those who can get their friends to bring their resupplies to them in the backcountry).

We are in the process of contacting officials in the US Forest Service to get official, non-ambiguous documentation on their policy.  Until we have this in our hands, it is futile to speculate about it.  It is possible that absolutely nothing has changed other than some words on a webpage. This seems to be confirmed by a recent posting by the Inyo NF on their FB page. Read about it here.

One thing certainly has not changed, and that is our commitment to make your resupply experience as hassle-free, comfortable, and enjoyable as ever!  Without risk, you can reserve your resupply package now.

If you have already attained your JMT reservation, congratulations! As a precautionary measure, we suggest that you reserve a second permit that begins in Onion Valley on the day you plan to return to the trail. The exit trail doesn’t really matter, but it may be best not to attempt to reserve an Onion Valley to Whitney Portal permit because those are very hard to get. If you are North-bound, you’ll need a hiking partner to get the reservation, because you can’t have two trips with overlapping timelines. Once you are back on the JMT, your original permit is perfectly valid as long as you aren’t in the wilderness beyond your exit date.

We will provide transportation to the Lone Pine wilderness permit office at no extra charge for those who are spending at least one night with us and who have a wilderness reservation.

If you have questions, call us at 760-878-2121 or by email:

Happy Planning!