Kaweah River video travels around the world


The Kaweah River was the star attraction of a 30-second video that proved popular with viewers, performing better than any other post ever placed on The Kaweah Commonwealth’s Facebook page since its inception in April 2009. Promoting Three Rivers is the goal of the Commonwealth’s Facebook postings, and this video of the Holiday Falls rapids accompanied by the roar of the whitewater was viewed by nearly 70,000 people between Friday, March 11, and Thursday, March 17. 

More than 1,100 viewers shared the video with their online Facebook friends, and because of this, the video had a reach of another 150,000 people. 

Prior to the video post, The Kaweah Commonwealth’s page had just reached 1,200 followers, building up to that number over the past seven years. Those followers grew by nearly 50 percent to over 1,700  during the past week.

The Kaweah Commonwealth adds new content to Facebook almost daily and sometimes several times a day. Some of the posts are news stories that have appeared in the newspaper’s recent issue but also included is breaking news and, by far the most popular, scenic photographs of Three Rivers, Sequoia National Park, and the surrounding region.  

To view the video and an additional river video posted a few days later due to the demand, as well as other engaging content, visit the Commonwealth’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/The-Kaweah-Commonwealth-60542582474/.

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