Lake Kaweah due for rapid rise

A birds-eye view of Horse Creek Bridge over Lake Kaweah. (Drone photography by SkyHigh Innovations)

With the onset of warmer temperatures, USACE personnel are preparing for a sudden increase in storage as inflows rise and began to outpace outflow. One computer model shows that rise at Lake Kaweah will begin with the onset of June.

Phil Deffenbaugh, Lake Kaweah’s general manager, said earlier this week that he still expects the basin to fill in June but the run of cooler temperatures in May have delayed the inevitable for another week or two.

Lake Kaweah’s second marina will soon be underwater. (Drone photography by SkyHigh Innovations)

As of May 30, 2019, the lake level continued to drop slightly much as it has done for the past 10 days. In the last 24 hours, the level dropped .59 feet to a current elevation of 697.15 above mean sea level; spillway level is 715 feet amsl. Current storage is 150,608 acre-feet (spillway level is 185,000 acre-feet); the mean inflow is 1,641 cfs; outflow is 2,279 cfs.

Want to see what 150,000 acre-feet looks like in the Kaweah basin? Check out these aerials and then stay tuned for more as Lake Kaweah fills to the brim.

Lake Kaweah’s upper basin where the river meets the lake. (Drone photography by SkyHigh Innovations)

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