Local photographer hikes ‘Off the Beaten Path’ to share backcountry images


Cort Gallery – 41881 Sierra Dr. – Three Rivers

— Opening Reception —
Meet the Photographer: Irene Barba
Friday, March 29, 4-9 pm
Refreshments / Door Prize

— Encore Exhibit —
Saturday, March 30, 1-9 pm
Door Prize

Join Irene Barba on a journey OFF THE BEATEN PATH without even having to carry a backpack. Irene, a longtime Three Rivers resident, is as passionate about taking photos as she is about backpacking.

Combine the two and the result is incredible photos of places few humans ever experience. 

Irene, a retired educator, isn’t spending her time in a recliner with the TV remote close at  hand. If it’s summer, she can (or can’t) be found in the Sierra on (or off) some far-flung backcountry trail.

Irene claims she has traveled over most of the passes accessible by trail in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and a lot of the off-trail passes too. She has hiked hundreds of miles on and off trails in the parks’ spectacular backcountry. 

And lucky for us, Irene is sharing the magical places that she visits. 

OFF THE BEATEN PATH is a visual journey into the High Sierra wilderness. After culling through thousands of her photographs taken over the last 10 years, Irene has selected 30 that are the cream of the crop. 

OFF THE BEATEN PATH is the focus of the show. The exhibit will feature nearly three dozen images of varying sizes that have been transferred to canvas and metal formats.

Most of the photographs were taken away from the popular trail routes, showing an untrammeled, pristine landscape that is in Three Rivers’s backyard.

“As the prints arrive, it’s like Christmas, a feast for the eyes,” said Irene. “Makes me want to pack up and head out and forget about skiing… and that is saying a lot.”

Yes, Irene is retired but she’s not having that common retirement problem of wondering what to do with herself. Come summer, she has 47 days penciled in on her calendar that are reserved for backcountry travel (and photography).

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