Log House Lodge celebrates 10 years in Three Rivers


Tim and Mauriene Landry recently commemorated their 10th year of operations at The Log House Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Three Rivers.
“I can’t believe it’s been 10 years,” said Mauriene, who has been the voice and heart of the operation that has kept it among the best-reviewed lodging facilities in the area. “I remember our very first guest. It was an accountant and his wife from Visalia. On April 15 tax season was done and they chose to spend their getaway with us.”
“We weren’t professional innkeepers or even experienced in the lodging industry when we opened,” Mauriene continued. “But we tried to offer guests what we ourselves want to experience when we stay at a bed-and-breakfast. I guess 10 years says we must have done something right.”
As a labor of love, the Lodge has continually been refined and refreshed to offer ever more of the rustic that is Mauriene and Tim’s specialty. Since that first guest in 2008, the Lodge has added the Pioneer Suite (a cabin-themed room that sleeps six), waterfalls, walkways, a new addition to the existing deck where guests relax overlooking the Sierra foothills, and constant upgrades to the nostalgic theming of the facility.
“Guests are constantly telling us how peaceful this place is,” Mauriene said. “We seem to have hit that sweet spot of nostalgia and comfort that people in today’s world seem to be craving. ”
The Log House Lodge was originally the log dream home built by the family of Ken Sessions, a Three Rivers resident who passed away in 2001. Due to financial difficulties, the home was never completed and certainly not to the level Sessions had dreamed. By 2003, it had begun to deteriorate.
When they first saw the place in February 2003, Tim and Mauriene immediately saw its potential, but the thought of a bed-and-breakfast was not even remotely on their horizon at that time. There was far too much that the property needed.  
As they began the work of bringing the property back to life, however, they became more and more pleased with the results. They wanted to share it with family and friends. Sadly, they would only rarely get visitors from their circle in Los Angeles.  It was always just “too far” for people. 
“But the property was too cool not to share,” added Tim.  “So we began offering stays to missionary couples and seminary students with their wives from our church in Sun Valley, California. We knew from our interactions with them that they were always financially struggling and in need of relief from the pressures of ministry.”
“The ministry program was immediately well received,” continued Tim. “But at about that same time we decided to open The Log House Lodge up as a commercial venture as well.  We figured the paying guests could help offset the expenses of the ministry while providing additional funds to maintain the challenging two-acre hillside property.”
Now, despite only having three guest rooms, The Log House Lodge is consistently one of the highest rated Lodging facilities in Three Rivers.  Mauriene and Tim have as many bookings as they can handle.
And one of the best parts is that they occasionally hear from the Sessions family who are delighted that the property has become very close to the dream that their father had originally envisioned.
So what will the next 10 years hold for The Log House Lodge?
“Whatever the Lord wills,” said Mauriene matter-of-factly.

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