McCarthy elected majority leader

If you live in Three Rivers or any other part of the far-flung 23rd District of U.S. Congress that stretches from Bakersfield to Ridgecrest on the east and all the way to the foothills and mountains of Sequoia National Park, your congressman is now the U.S. House of Representative’s majority leader.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R) was elected Thursday, June 19, to fill the majority leader position vacated by Eric Cantor who stepped aside after his stunning defeat in the Virginia primary. McCarthy is the least tenured legislator to ever occupy the majority leader post. Since he was elected to Congress in 2006, McCarthy has introduced three bills, two of which passed: the naming of a post office and a space center.

Even more incredible than McCarthy’s meteoric rise to majority leader, some politicos believe that if the Republicans retain control of the House, Rep. McCarthy might well be the next Speaker. Well-liked by his House colleagues, McCarthy has some big challenges ahead, not the least of which is trying to hold together a splintered GOP during the mid-term elections in November.    

And wait. There are more potential sinkholes in McCarthy’s road map to success. The clock is ticking once more on the federal budget and if some stop-gap measure cannot be agreed upon by both parties there could be another government shutdown.    

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