McCarthy field reps return to 3R


Due to an enthusiastic response from the Three Rivers contingent of the 23rd District, Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s field representative Cole Karr is returning on Wednesday, March 22. The meeting will be held at the Three Rivers Memorial Building from 2 to 3 p.m.
Since last month’s meeting, Karr said he has received a number of emails and correspondence from Three Rivers constituents. On three of the key issues at the February 28 meeting  — healthcare, immigration, and National Park Service funding — Cole said new developments have changed the talking points.
“At our last meeting there was no healthcare plan that had been made public,” Cole said. “Now that we have a plan offered by the Trump administration, there’s a whole new conversation.”
The new development in immigration has been that Iraq has been de-listed from the travel ban, Karr said. Implementation of the Trump administration’s travel ban has been delayed further by a motion filed by a federal judge in Hawaii.
Karr said the latest proposal to pay for a military build-up is to cut the budget of the EPA and an array federally funded programs. 
“There could be cuts made to the National Park Service’s budget that could directly affect Three Rivers,” Karr said.
In the past few weeks, the Congressman’s office staff has responded to a number of the Three Rivers concerns and questions. Wednesday’s meeting is intended to continue the dialogue and keep Three Rivers informed as to what the 23rd District office is doing and how the Congressman is positioned on the current issues. 
For more information, contact Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office at (661) 327-3611.    

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