McCarthy on track to be next Speaker of the House


When John Boehner (R-Ohio) resigned as the Speaker of the House on Friday, Sept. 25, the announcement shocked all 246 members of his party conference. 

In the coming weeks, Republicans will hold an election in the House chamber that will decide Boehner’s replacement. It’s likely that Kevin McCarthy of California’s 23rd District, who is currently the Majority Leader, will succeed Boehner because passing the Speaker’s gavel is usually a promotion for someone serving in the party’s leadership. The upcoming speaker election will be just the fifth time since 1913 that a new speaker has been elected midterm. 

McCarthy, 50, from Bakersfield has served in the House since 2007 and in the redrawn 23rd District that includes Three Rivers since 2014. 

Government shutdown— A stop-gap spending bill cleared the Senate on Monday. If it clears the House, a shutdown will be averted just hours before the October 1 deadline.

Conservatives eager for a funding fight have now set December as the best time to confront President Obama on spending levels and abortion policies, reported the Washington Post this week.

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