Meet fitness coach Justin Levine

Justine Levine, author, fitness coach, and owner of California Fitness Academy in Visalia, Calif.

What’s up

My name is Justin Levine, and I will be contributing to 3R News on the topics of fitness, nutrition, training and performance, mindset, motivation, and all things relating to life enhancement. I am a fitness coach, speaker and the owner of California Fitness Academy in Visalia.

California Fitness Academy is a training gym that has been leading the local fitness community since 2006. Our main philosophy is to supply a safe, effective, and fun program for our members. We focus on functional movements that enhance an individual’s fitness, athleticism, and overall well-being.

Here is a brief background of who I am and a few things I have accomplished.

I was born and raised in Tulare and Visalia. I went to Buena Vista Elementary in Tulare, then moved to Visalia and attended Divisadero Middle School and Mt. Whitney High School. I have always been active in sports. In high school I played soccer, baseball, and football. During my younger years, I also dabbled in tennis, golf, basketball, and track and field.

While in high school, I found out that I had a natural ability to kick a football. This skill enabled me to earn a scholarship to play football at New Mexico Highlands University. I even had a short stint playing in the Arena Football League. Once my football career was over, I entrenched myself into the fitness world.

I returned to Visalia and became a personal trainer at Visalia Racquet Club and started diving into this industry. Helping others achieve their fitness goals became a passion of mine. I strive, to this day, to positively inspire others to be fit, healthy, and active.

In 2006, I was presented with an opportunity to open up my own fitness business. I jumped 100% in, opened California Fitness Academy, and have been maniacally hustling since then.


I completed my first triathlon in 2006. I became obsessed with this sport and, in 2011, completed an Ironman triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, 26.2-mile run). Since that time, I have completed over 100 endurance events, ranging from 5k races to marathons and everything in between.

In 2012, I set and achieved a goal to run 300 miles (11.5 marathons) in 100 hours. We began in Visalia, ran to Porterville, then to Bakersfield, through the Mojave Desert, up to Angeles Forest, down into Glendale, over to Malibu, and finished at the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful Santa Monica pier. This was an epic journey that proved to people that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You can read about this journey by picking up my book, Limitless, on Amazon or watching the documentary by the same name on iTunes.

The community that we live in is very special to me. I love connecting with positive people looking to experience what this Valley has to offer. I am excited to contribute to this awesome online publication.

If I can answer any fitness-related questions or if you have any article ideas, email me at or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Cheers. And, remember, anything is possible.

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