Motorcycle club from Netherlands rides into Three Rivers


For an ever-growing number of visitors, the best way to see the USA is on a motorcycle. And not just any motorcycle; sometimes it’s just got to be a Harley-Davidson. 

Earlier this week, motorists heading to and from Sequoia National Park couldn’t help but notice all the shiny Harley-Davidson motorcycles lined up in front of the recently reopened River Inn.

The group that occupied the River Inn property on Monday, April 14, were members of Zat ie daar ja!, a motorcycle club from the Netherlands. They began their whirlwind tour of California aboard the iconic American-made Harley-Davidson last week in San Francisco.   

Club members each rented their own Harley through EagleRider Motorcycles at $1,200 each for the week. A few members drove rental cars to provide support and carry extra gear.

“This a dream come true for our club to ride a Harley while we are here visiting the U.S.,” said Peter Zonneveld, club president. “Back home, we ride Hondas or the other less expensive road bikes.”

Zonneveld is a managing director of Integrated Steelmaking Plants in Velsen-Noord in the province of North Holland. 

Zonneveld and his comrades are typical of their American counterparts who ride, or dream of riding, a Harley-Davidson. The average age of a Harley rider has risen steadily in the last two decades and is now 49; median household income in the U.S. of a Harley rider is $87,000.

Zonneveld said the club toured the California coast before coming to Three Rivers for a ride through Sequoia National Park via the Generals Highway to Kings Canyon National Park. After visiting Yosemite, the entourage will return to San Francisco where they will board a return flight home to the Netherlands.   

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