Motorist takes accidental tour of Lemon Cove pumpkin patch


When the Kirkpatrick family set up a seasonal pumpkin patch adjacent to their Main Squeeze Market in Lemon Cove they never intended it to be a drive-thru attraction. But, apparently, on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning (Oct. 9-10), that’s what happened when an errant motorist lost control of their vehicle and swerved off Highway 198.
According to Sophie Kirkpatrick, who can be found most days tending the family store, when she arrived to work on Wednesday at 7 a.m., she found that someone had driven through the wrought-iron fence, ventured a short distance into the pumpkin patch then exited through the opening they had created just moments before.
No witnesses to the destruction have come forward. And the driver left the scene in the vehicle that is now sporting some damage due to plowing through the heavy-duty fence. 
“They drove through the fence, hit a tree, a couple of pumpkins, and some hay bales,” reported Sophie. “There was no substantial damage.”
The Main Squeeze pumpkin patch is open daily to families, kids and dogs but closed to vehicular traffic.   

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