Jana Botkin, a Three Rivers resident and popular local artist, has published a couple books before but she colored outside the lines on this one. Her newest release is a coloring book, “Heart of the Hills” and includes well-known landscapes and landmarks in Three Rivers, Sequoia National Park, and Mineral King.

What this means is that everyone can now be an artist like Jana simply by picking up a colored pencil and turning to their page of choice in the book. Upon completion, they will own a masterpiece of local art.

The coloring books are available at Three Rivers Mercantile, Kaweah River Trading Company, and Three Rivers Historical Museum… 

“And my website and the trunk of my car!” said Jana.

The cost is $15 plus tax, meaning that these works of art will cost about $1.25 each for the 19 pictures included in the book. Crayons or pencils will cost a little extra. 

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