New community theatre group seeks playwrights, thespians


The Three Rivers Repertory Co. is gearing up for an inaugural 10-Minute Play Festival with a round-table reading/meeting at the Cort Gallery on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 3 p.m. All community members interested in getting involved are encouraged to attend.
“The process for the festival will take several steps,” according to Three Rivers Repertory Co.’s artistic director David Perry. “Right now, we’re looking for anybody to get involved in any way.” 
All aspects of theatre involvement are being sought: actors, directors, set designers and builders, costumers, makeup artists, and lighting and sound technicians.  Experience is not necessary, David said. 
“We just need people who want to work as a theatre community to fill a much-needed void here in Three Rivers.”
The theatre company is interested in giving a voice to those who live in this neck of the woods. And it starts with those who have a story to tell. 
“What we really need are playwrights,” David said. “We want to make this first 10-Minute Play Festival one that’s unique in that it features original work by Three Rivers writers.” 
The criteria for submitting a play is uncomplicated. Although the length of the piece should be about 10 minutes, there are no restrictions to theme or style — serious, humorous, and absurd are all acceptable.
“If the play goes a minute or two over 10 minutes, no big deal,” David explained. “If it’s a one-page monologue, great. We just need pieces to read. If you have an idea and don’t have a complete script, that’s okay. If you want to adapt a poem or short story for the stage, that could be exciting also.”
The company feels the more the merrier, especially for its first meeting at the Cort Gallery, which is the same venue in which the festival will take place. Gary Cort, the gallery’s curator, will bring his artistic talents and creative architectural vision into the foray as the production’s scenic designer.
“At our first meeting, I would like to have writers bring the work they want to get produced,” David continued. “We will use a workshop process where those present will hear the pieces and take specific notes that the writers can consider (or not) while doing rewrites. We will come together in about a month to hear the pieces again.”
That next meeting is also when David plans to assign directors, actors, and other crucial roles for a successful production. 
“All the separate groups can rehearse independently,” he said. “We will meet periodically as a whole to check progress.”
For more information, contact David Perry by phone at (559) 561-3919, by text at (559) 799-6942, or by email at


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