New medical director appointed to FHCN


Carolina Quezada, M.D., who provides medical services to Three Rivers a couple of days a month, has been named medical director of Family HealthCare Network. 

After her residency as an National Health Service Corps scholar with a focus on internal medicine and pediatrics, she completed the program at the Family HealthCare Network clinic in Woodlake. NHSC is a government-funded organization that offers scholarships to medical students who want to become primary care providers in community clinics located in economically disadvantaged areas. 

After working with Family HealthCare Network for two years, the opportunity arose to advance to the position of medical director about two months ago. 

“It’s really the perfect position,” Dr. Quezada said. “I get to maintain patient interaction while teaching medical students part time. It’s everything I wanted.”

Dr. Quezada works in the Three Rivers clinic every other Thursday. She also works at the Woodlake clinic and teaches classes to medical students. Besides overseeing the 14 FHCN community clinics, Dr. Quezada has high hopes for continuing the growth of FHCN and fostering community support and awareness of FHCN’s services.

“Along with continuing to bring quality service to the community, we really want to reach out to patients who don’t realize that the services that we offer are available to them,” Dr. Quezada said. 

As the new medical director, Dr. Quezada sees opportunity for expansion, growth, and learning through programs that she plans on implementing. Along with continued expansion of FHCN’s offerings, Dr. Quezada said that not only is she hearing what people want as far as their health care needs are concerned, but providing it. A great example is the new addition of John Reifenberg, D.C., to the FHCN Three Rivers clinic. 


Holistic care in Three Rivers

Dr. Reifenberg is a chiropractor who specializes in holistic medicine. He works in Three Rivers every Monday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

“We recognized that more of the holistic medicine approach is what the Three Rivers community wanted, so we supplied it and filled that void,” Dr. Quezada said. “I really hope that Three Rivers residents take advantage of that.”

As a final note, Dr. Quezada said that she hopes that FHCN doctors can continue to be able to build one-on-one relationships with patients along with providing for their health care needs. 

“We value our patients and the relationships that we can build with them,” Dr. Quezada said. “We want to continue that.”

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