New ‘Senior Lunch’ program begins in Three Rivers


The spirit of collaboration thrives in Three Rivers, now visible in the newest offering for seniors. 
“We’re beginning a weekly $5 Senior Lunch, available every Monday at noon starting April 2,” announced Darlene Mayfield, publicist at St. Anthony Retreat Center. 
This recurring luncheon opportunity is being made possible with a grant from Land O’ Lakes and in partnership with the local nonprofit Aging in Community-Three Rivers.
Already known to senior movie lovers attending the monthly Afternoon at the Movies program, presented by AIC-3R for the past three years, the menu promises to serve soup, sandwiches, cookie, and and a beverage. 
However, the feast often presented goes way beyond that norm. The chefs at St. Anthony Retreat Center are becoming renowned for their creative, nutritious, and healthy menus, and they take pride in going above and beyond. 
Seniors wishing to take advantage of this weekly Monday lunch must make their reservation by Sunday. Call the Retreat at (559) 561-4595 and ask for Barbara Lahmann. 
Bring a friend or carpool together and join the camaraderie. Consider staying after for games or crafts. 
For more information, call Aging in Community-Three Rivers at (559) 465-4666.

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