New Three Rivers gallery opens


A new art gallery and gift shop is opening this Saturday, May 16, in Three Rivers, and it will display a youthful exuberance for art with a dash of different. That is according to proprietor Monica Rodriguez of Three Rivers, who is opening her gallery and gift shop, called Main Fork, in a part of the former digs of Colors. 

Originally, Monica had intended to call the gallery Main Fork & Co. That's what's even painted on the building. However, she has decided on the more succinct "Main Fork" moniker.

“There has always been a wonderful art community here in Three Rivers but I feel that recently it has become somewhat stagnant,” Monica said. “I’m not about filling my space with everything under the sun but rather adding the work of an artist or new product line that feel good together.”

Monica explained that when a customer enters a gallery there is no need for an assault on the senses. 

“I want the visitor to my shop to experience art on their own terms and not feel compelled to buy something they don’t really like,” Monica said. “What is here at Main Fork will evolve; appreciating art and discovering new artists is a dynamic process.”

Monica operated a similar gallery and shop in 2012 in Visalia called Juniper Berry. That place became way too much to oversee once she went to work full time at St Anthony Retreat in Three Rivers.

“I was inspired to open Main Fork in part by the success of Ol’ Buckaroo,” Monica said. “There is an opportunity for people our age [30-somethings] to become entrepreneurs and bring something new to the Three Rivers community.”     

There is a rejuvenation of the business landscape in Three Rivers and this new generation of owners is the catalyst. Come meet and greet Monica this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and experience the Main Fork vibe.

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