News Briefs: DUI motorist shears utility pole, TRUS has two new board members, extreme heat in the forecast

News Briefs: DUI motorist

The aftermath of Wednesday’s DUI crash that totaled two vehicles and resulted in the arrest of a 47-year-old Three Rivers woman.


DUI crash damages parked car and shears utility pole

When an out of control vehicle comes careening off Highway 198 at 1:20 p.m there will be some serious damage and maybe tragedy.  That’s what happened on Wednesday, August 12 at Greg Lockhart’s Sierra Pacific Real Estate Office. News Briefs: DUI motorist

A 2013 Toyota Venza, being driven westbound by a 47-year-old Three Rivers woman, after passing the Chevron station, suddenly veered onto the north shoulder.  After striking some medium sized rocks lining a parking area, the Toyota then struck a parked car and crashed into a utility pole shearing it in pieces. 

The wooden utility pole was used for telephone and internet connectivity and never lost service. Utility crews had to close one lane of traffic during the replacement that took about three hours to complete.  

The motorist miraculously was not seriously injured. She was transported to Kaweah Delta Medical Center where she was treated and then released into the custody of the Tulare County Sheriff‘s Office and charged with DUI. News Briefs: DUI motorist



News Briefs: DUI motorist
Sign of the times: Masks or face coverings are required of anyone who enters the grounds of Three Rivers School.


TRUS board candidates run unopposed, computers stolen from Kindergarten room

With the August 12 filing dated passed, two candidates declared and filed to run in the November general election. The incumbents, Jason Hawes and Mark Frick, chose not to seek reelection opening the door for TRUS board newcomers Leeor Brown and David Karplus.

The election of Brown and Karplus is little more than a formality. Their names must appear on the November 3 general election ballot so voters are given the opportunity to write in names of other candidates. If no write-in campaigns gain a sufficient number of votes, the two newcomers will be officially sworn in and take their seats at the December 2020 regular meeting of the TRUS board of trustees.  News Briefs: DUI motorist

In other school-related news, on Thursday night July 30, a vandalizing thief entered the school’s Kindergarten room and, after pushing over a couple of bookshelves, made off with eight iPads and a laptop belonging to Liz Harrelson, the Kindergarten teacher. 

On the following day after the theft, Kyle Stark, Three Rivers resident deputy, took a report of the incident and dusted some key surfaces for fingerprints. The theft was technically not a break-in as the pneumatic door lock was malfunctioning and was unlocked. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Deputy Stark at (559) 740-8894 


Extreme heat and humidity in the forecast  

Beginning Friday August 14, at 12 noon, and continuing until 9 p.m on Wednesday, August 19, NWS forecasters are calling for an excessive heat warning throughout central California. Dangerously hot conditions will prevail in the afternoon and the early evening hours each day. High temperatures of 102 — 112 can be expected. Three Rivers highs will hover around 108 degrees.

Nighttime temperatures will dip no further than the 70s. Extreme heat and humidity will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses particularly for those working outside or in outdoor activities. Precautions include staying hydrated, stay out of the sun, and spend as much time in air conditioning as possible. News Briefs: DUI motorist

Recent conditions across California in the last four weeks have been typical for mid-summer. There have not been any heatwaves so those conditions have served to back up slightly the local fire season. 

California’s cooler weather has been Arizona’s misfortune: a near total failure of the North American monsoon. But that pattern that has only broken down recently has led to the lack of the North America Monsoon typical of August. These hot dry conditions in much of the interior Southwest have led to rapidly deepening drought. Phoenix and Tucson both experienced their hottest month on record in July.

Phoenix has already broken its previous record for greatest number of days of 110+ degree days in a single year with many more such days likely before the end of summer. The lack of monsoonal moisture over the Sierra Nevada is expected to abate somewhat during the current heat wave. The best chance for the cooling tropical moisture is on Saturday, August 15 when there is a 20 percent chance of thunder showers over the mountains and in the foothills of the region.

News Briefs: DUI motorist
On Tuesday, August 11, more than two-thirds of this mature oak came crashing down on the grounds of the Three Rivers Memorial Building. Fortuitously, nobody was waiting for the bus at the time of the tree fall. Prolonged hot dry weather has many of the local trees in a stressed and weakened condition.

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