November town meeting has full agenda


On the eve of the upcoming election, the Three Rivers Town Hall Meeting (Monday, Nov. 3) will feature updates on the Three Rivers Community Plan and the local water supply situation. Bobby Kamansky, a Three Rivers resident and a consultant for Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group, will speak on area water supplies and implications of the drought.

Kamansky said he plans to publish his latest findings on the water situation. Monday evening’s program will also include time for questions and answers.  

The Three Rivers Community Plan portion of the program will be presented by Michael Spata, the newly appointed director of the county’s Resource Management Agency. Spata said his new duties as RMA director will not interfere with his attending the monthly community plan meetings held the second Monday at Three Rivers Arts Center.

Spata and Dave Bryant, who is currently a special projects planner for the RMA planning department, will explain what’s been accomplished so far on the Community Plan. Spata said once appropriate language can be agreed upon for the goals and policies of the plan, county staff will begin work on the plan’s EIR. 

Spata said he doesn’t expect any surprises in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). He said county planners know how important the environment is to the culture and values of the Three Rivers community. The EIR will ensure that all the critical issues are addressed.

That’s what the monthly meetings are all about, Spata said. 

“It’s an opportunity for us to listen to you and incorporate your input and comments,” Bryant added. 

All are invited to attend and get involved in the process at any time. Spata said some of these plans in the past have become controversial, pitting neighbor against neighbor.

“That’s not the case here,” Spata said. “There is a dedicated group willing to build a consensus in Three Rivers.” 

The community plan is on track to have a draft in 2015. At the November 3 Town Hall meeting, Spata plans to tell all who attend just how he plans to do it.

The monthly Town Hall meetings are sponsored by the Three Rivers Village Foundation. 

For more information, call 561-3204.   

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