Ozzy Abdalla: 1931 ~ 2018


Osman “Ozzy” Abdalla died unexpectedly Thursday, March 22, 2018, at his Three Rivers home. He was 86. 
A private memorial service will be held at a later date.
Ozzy was born May 23, 1931, to father Elsaeed Abdalla and mother Elhilaly Ameena in Cairo, Egypt. He was a chemical engineer and his career took him around the globe. 
Ozzy was multilingual, which helped him in his extensive travels. Although he enjoyed his job and performed it successfully for many years, about 30 years ago he started feeling restless and wanting a change. He had a dream to stop traveling and settle down into retirement.
In 1989, he purchased the Sierra Lodge in Three Rivers, which he owned and operated for several years. He sold the property in 1996. 
The hotel business was a perfect fit. Ozzy enjoyed having people around him all the time. 
After selling Sierra Lodge, he continued to work in the hospitality field as a manager at The Inn At 213 Seventeen Mile Drive in Pacific Grove and other endeavors. 
In Three Rivers, Ozzy and his wife, Eva, converted their home into a bed-and-breakfast. The couple stopped the local operation in December 2016 due to health reasons.
Ozzy was an expert equestrian. He was a member of the Egyptian Equestrian Federation. Upon immigrating to the U.S., he joined the U.S. Equestrian team and, in 1973, received a “Presidential Sports Award — Equitation,” signed by President Richard Nixon. 
As he grew older, he stopped horseback riding, but it was always in his blood and he loved horses. He also admired the beauty and power of nature and enjoyed arts and crafts. He was a former member of the Three Rivers Lions Club.
Ozzy was a loving and caring husband. He was kind, friendly, open-minded, honest, and helpful to everybody and, as a result, he was loved appreciated, and respected by many. 
In recent years, Ozzy suffered some health issues, but remained happy. His slogan was “Enjoy Your Life.”
Ozzy is survived by his wife of 14 years, Eva-Maria Deckert; son Osman Abdalla Jr.; brother Hassan Abdalla of Finland; and sister Fifi of Egypt.

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