Physical injuries and altitude sickness create backcountry emergencies


September 5 – 18, 2017
Ash Mountain
September 16— A 47-year-old female was complaining of nausea at the Foothills Visitor Center. She was transported by ambulance to Kaweah Delta.
High Sierra
September 13— Rangers responded to a disoriented hiker at Precipice Lake who had lost vision in one eye and had numbness along the left side of his body. An EMT was flown to a nearby landing zone and contacted the patient. Due to inclement weather, the helicopter was not able to pick up the patient that night. The following morning he was evacuated to the helibase and transferred to an ambulance. 
Mineral King
September 6— A 35-year-old female fell and injured her lower leg and ankle on the Sawtooth Pass trail. She was flown out the following morning and transported by ambulance to the hospital.
September 10— Rangers arrested a 37-year-old intoxicated man who threatened an officer in Cold Springs Campground. Ash Mountain rangers assisted with the transport. 
September 13— A 53-year-old male reported via satellite device that he had fallen and struck his head and knee near Little Claire Lake. After the bleeding was under control, he was assisted by a trail crew to a nearby landing zone. Due to inclement weather, he had to spend the night before being flown to the helibase the next morning, where he was transferred to an ambulance.
Grant Grove
September 13— A 63-year-old male hiker was reported to be having cardiac issue near Ferguson Creek/Stair Camp. The nearby EMT that took the report from another hiker responded and assessed the patient, who was flown out with a Parkmedic to the helibase and transferred to an ambulance.
Sierra Crest
—There was a personal locator beacon activation at Darwin Canyon Lakes along the Lamarck Col route for an adult male with a reported broken leg. California Highway Patrol completed a medevac to Mammoth.
September 11— A 55-year-old male hiker reported in person to the ranger-EMT at LeConte Ranger Station that he had shortness of breath and possible high altitude pulmonary edema. He had already been taking appropriate medications that he had brought with him. He was assessed and determined to have fluid in the lungs and be low of oxygen. He was treated with supplemental oxygen, his condition improved, and he was flown to Panoramic Point and transferred to an ambulance.
September 13— A 51-year-old female hiker was reported via satellite phone call to have a dislocated kneecap and closed ankle injury near Vidette Meadow and was unable to hike out. An EMT responded, assessed the patient, and determined she was stable there overnight with her doctor-husband who had reduced the dislocation and splinted. She was flown out with a parkmedic to the helibase the next day and transferred to an ambulance.
September 13— A 43-year-old female solo hiker was reported by satellite device to have a knee injury on the south side of Glen Pass in a high exposed area with incoming weather and unable to hike out. An EMT responded and assessed the patient, who was flown out with a parkmedic to the helibase and transferred to an ambulance.

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