Public Works Department is searching for a few bad potholes


As an addendum to the Monday, May 9, public meeting, Dave Bryant, chief planner, special projects for Tulare County, circulated a local road maintenance list that includes six areas of county road projects in Three Rivers that were either recently completed or are scheduled for upcoming work. 

Dinely Drive— Patched potholes.

Mynatt above Eggers— Patched potholes.

North Fork Drive— Clear and trim brush along the road shoulder.

Sunset Drive— Inspected a drainage problem, no action taken.

Mineral King Road at Hammond— Blade and patch workscheduled for mid-May.

Skyline Drive— Blade patches along 300 linear square feet.

Bryant said there are additional Measure R funds available for maintenance on county roads in and around Three Rivers.

“We need your input to make some additional requests,” Bryant said. 

Have a stretch of roadway in mind that needs work? Call (559) 624-7000 and ask for Reed Schenke, chief engineer, Public Works, or Dave Bryant, chief planner, Special Projects.  

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