Quesadilla Gorilla: A community investment in Three Rivers

Quesadilla Gorilla: Here we grow again 

When the Three Rivers Community Plan was finalized in 2018, the Three Rivers CSD asked the Board of Supervisors for five percent of the local Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to plan for community-driven projects. The thinking behind the request was to create projects that the community could support then seek a developer. The answer from the Board: draw up a specific project and we will consider it. Quesadilla Gorilla: A community investment

Without seed money for planning and design the result was predictable: no project no investment and what Three Rivers ends up with is perhaps a generic Hampton Inn compatible with existing zoning. But along comes an innovative young entrepreneur who already has the project underway and the plans for a build-out that meets even greater needs of the Three Rivers community. A place where visitors and residents can mix and mingle. Quesadilla Gorilla: A community investment

Sound familiar? It’s the wishful thinking of the Town Center concept (community plan) that once had a proposal for a $30 million boutique hotel that was deemed by outspoken locals as not in line with Three Rivers values. But leave it to Miguel Reyes to pick up pieces of those dashed hopes and make a food truck into a bona fide attraction. 

Reyes, 28 of Hanford, with a little help from locals with vision for the future of Three Rivers, was persuaded eight months ago to check out the site of the current Quesadilla Gorilla. What Reyes saw was growth potential to create something unique to Three Rivers with only minimal impact to the site and neighborhood. 

And why not adapt his successful Quesadilla Gorilla to Three Rivers? After a 2017 trip to Boston to attend a Goldman Sachs program the door was opened to Reyes as a Latino entrepreneur. That led to another specialized program (Latino Business Action Network LBAN) at Stanford University. In Palo Alto, Reyes learned about alternative ways to raise investment capital to grow a successful business. At Stanford, Reyes dialed in alternative platforms where investors of all shapes and sizes go online and fund projects in their own communities.  

Reyes at 28 is ticketed for success and he’s doing it by engaging the community where his businesses can do the most good. In 2019, Quesadilla Gorilla was named the third fastest growing inter-city company in the U.S. and featured in Fortune Magazine. 

In this 3R News video, Reyes reveals his plans for the Three Rivers site, his company’s growth and how you can become an investor in the future of Three Rivers. Follow the trail — it leads to success.     



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