Readers’ Poll 2016


It figures that in a gateway-to-a-national-park town there would be lots to write home about, and maybe an amenity or service that’s sorely needed too. Now in its 18th year, that’s what makes the Best of Kaweah Country readers’ poll so great and keeps the readers and voters coming back for more year after year.

Once again this year, voting in the poll can be done entirely online. Is your Internet a pain or always out of order? There are plenty of hard copy ballots available at locations around town too.

 The Kaweah Commonwealth’s annual poll is true democracy, where the best is highlighted by each voter and then advertised to anyone who reads the results. Say something creative about a place you like. Your testimonial becomes the BEST type of advertising: FREE!

In fact, The Kaweah Commonwealth dedicates an entire issue to the winners and runners’ up. 

It’s fun, and it’s all about the best places to eat, drink, shop, hang out, camp, hike, bike, and all the favorite things to see and do right here in Kaweah Country. 

Don’t even think you are too busy to fill out a ballot. Reward those who serve you day in, day out with a vote (and free advertising) and tell us a few of your favorite things.

Got a novel idea for an attraction or new business? We want to hear all about that too. 

Back in the day, several readers asked for a local hardware store. Thanks for listening, Mike McCoy. Three Rivers Mercantile is now celebrating a decade of service in Three Rivers.

Other readers asked for a place that served craft beer on tap and outdoor seating. Now there are five establishments that fill that bill. Ask and ye shall receive.  

For more information or to pick up a hard copy ballot, call the TKC office, (559) 561-3627. 

To complete the poll online, go to and let the voting begin.  The polls close Friday, July 22, so don’t miss your chance to vote in this year’s poll.

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