River Kids Preschool flood repairs complete


After being displaced in January by flooding that destroyed many area in the River Kids Preschool, Veronica Contreras, preschool director, reports that a collection of volunteers and agencies have brought them back home. New Director Contreras and her team spent the summer of 2016 redecorating and preparing for the return of their students last fall.  
They were heartbroken just after Winter Break to find two to three inches of water sitting in their safe haven in the basement of Community Presbyterian Church.
Contreras reached out to the local and online communities.  Twenty volunteers, including parents and non-parents, came forward to help. A combination of sources provided funding for repairs.
“We had a GoFundMe account and an Emergency Aid Alliance contact that both provided thousands of dollars for the kids,” said Contreras. “We also received a grant for the carpet from First 5 California and utilized Facebook and The Kaweah Commonwealth to spread the call for help. Parent volunteers ripped out all the carpet and removed all of the glue and moisture. We were so blessed to have everyone come out and help us.” 
An official reopening celebration will be held Saturday, May 6, with lots of fun scheduled for families. Those who register their children at the event for the fall semester of River Kids Preschool will receive a discount on their fee. 
Also on the preschool’s calendar is a graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 25.  
This summer, there will be three themed camps for children ages two through 12. 
“We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support,” said Letty Cazares, the preschool’s Spanish teacher. “The Three Rivers Community can make miracles happen. All you have to do is ask.” 
For more information about registration and the upcoming summer camps, call Veronica Contreras, (559) 749-1894. 

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