Salt Creek trails closed in Three Rivers due to SQF Complex fire

The Salt Creek network of trails all start from old fire roads that extend from Salt Creek Drive by Highway 198 over to the 9-mile marker on South Fork Drive and up to Case Mountain. It’s possible that these roads will have to be utilized by firefighters and equipment to fend off the SQF Complex fire if it approaches the South Fork canyon.

The Bureau of Land Management-Bakersfield Field Office has issued a temporary emergency closure of the Case Mountain Extensive Recreation Management Area near the town of Three Rivers in Tulare County due to the proximity of the Sequoia Complex Fire (SQF Complex). The closure is effective immediately and remains in effect until further notice.
The closure prohibits all forms of public access to the Case Mountain Extensive Recreation Management Area, which is comprised of 20,000 acres of public land located south of State Route 198 and supports the only BLM-managed giant sequoia groves.

Sequoia National Park closed to the public due to SQF Complex fire

This closure is necessary to protect public land visitors from risks associated with active wildland fire and suppression operations, as well as post-fire suppression repair, emergency stabilization, and burned area rehabilitation efforts that will help repair damage to recreational and natural resources. The closure is also needed to protect wildland firefighters from recreational activities, including hunting of wild game. The closure order can be found online.
Outdoor recreationists are reminded that open flame of any kind is prohibited on all BLM-managed public lands in California. The BLM has also temporarily suspended target shooting on public lands in Central California and fire restrictions are in effect within the Bakersfield Field Office jurisdiction (which includes Three Rivers).

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