Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: September incidents



 Ash Mountain

Sunday, Sept. 13: A 68-year-old man lost his balance while standing at the edge of a turnout north of Amphitheater Point. He slid 200 feet down a hillside before stopping. Rangers responded and conducted a technical rescue to get him back to the road. He was transported by ambulance with cuts and abrasions to his arms and face.

Thursday, Sept. 17: Arrest at Potwisha Campground for a misdemeanor warrant.

Rangers responded to “bear jam” calls several times a day throughout the week. Due to a lack of food and water sources at the higher elevations, bears are in the foothills and foraging for acorns in an attempt to consume enough calories before bedding down for the winter. It is proving difficult for the bruins to find sustenance due to four consecutive years of drought.



Tuesday, Sept. 8: A park medic ranger and Helicopter 552 responded to a patient with possible high-altitude pulmonary edema at Sky Blue Lake.

Monday, Sept. 14: Rangers responded to the Wuksachi Fire Station for a medical call for abdominal pain. 

Rangers responded to the following violations in Lodgepole Campground: food storage, possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), public intoxication, damaging of natural resources, speeding, and traffic control device.

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Rangers managed a search-and-rescue and death investigation for a Mount Whitney hiker: 

After reaching the summit of Mount Whitney (elevation 14,505 feet), David Hulting, 45, of Whittier was hiking down the trail and at about 13,500 feet elevation when he collapsed and died. Park rangers transported the victim off the mountain where he was then taken to the Tulare County Coroner's Office. After an autopsy, the coroner determined that Hulting had a pre-existing medical condition and had died of natural causes.       





Grant Grove

All residents were evacuated due to the Rough Fire. Security patrols were provided by employees from the Rough Fire team and other Sequoia and Kings Canyon rangers.

Saturday, Sept. 19: Staff moved back in. Planned opening to the public on Monday, Sept. 21, was delayed by fire operations Tuesday, Sept. 22. 

 Sierra Crest

Friday, Sept. 11: Rangers provided security patrols in the Grant Grove and Wilsonia areas after evacuations from the Rough Fire.

Sunday, Sept. 13: Rangers assisted with a technical rescue in the Ash Mountain area. 

Thursday, Sept. 17: Rangers were advised of a hiker with an injured knee near Muir Pass. The hiker was evacuated via Helicopter 552 and transported to Bishop the following day.

Friday, Sept. 18: Rangers received multiple phone calls and emails from a family concerned about a female solo-hiking the John Muir Trail. The solo hiker, a 61-year-old female, had been pushing the “OK” button every day on her SPOT device to let her family know that she was fine. The family failed to receive a notification on Thursday night and became concerned. The issue self-resolved when the hiker called her family and told them she had exited the wilderness with sore feet and was in Bishop doing well.

Monday-Friday, Sept. 21-24: Wilderness rangers will start exiting the backcountry for the season. 

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