Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks weekly incidents: Take precautions to avoid altitude-related illnesses

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks


7/30/2020: Ambulance 6 responded to Upper Sherman parking lot for a patient dispatched as having altitude sickness. The patient was a 48-year-old female from San Francisco. The patient, her 6-year-old son, and a well-behaved pug were transferred to Exeter Ambulance. On arrival, the patient was much improved. The emergency room is unable to accept animals, and this was a complication in transferring to Exeter Ambulance. Exeter Ambulance took the party in expectation of dropping off the pug at the patient’s hotel in Three Rivers on the way to the hospital. Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
Crabtree Meadow Ranger Station is a busy Sierra stop during the summer as backpackers prepare for their Mount Whitney assault.

High Sierra Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
7/30/2020: Rangers received a report of 57-year-old male with flu-like symptoms and difficulty breathing at the Crabtree Ranger Station. Patient tried to rest on 7/30 and 7/31, but his condition did not improve. Patient was flown via H-552 on 8/1 to Northern Inyo Hospital for care.
Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks7/31/2020: Rangers received a report of 54-year-old female with heat illness at Wallace Creek. Rangers arrived on scene and female requested medical advice and self-evacuation information. Ranger monitored patient on evening of 7/31. Patient self-evacuated on 8/1.
8/2/2020: Rangers received a report of a 58-year-old male with symptoms indicating possible high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) at the Crabtree Meadows camping area at approximately 10 pm. Rangers responded and made the patient comfortable with external oxygen until the morning. The patient has evacuated by Helicopter 552 on August 3 to Ash Mountain Helibase and transported to Kaweah Delta by ground ambulance. The patient’s 18-year-old son remained in the Crabtree area and hiked out to Whitney Portal on August 4.
Read these tips on how to safely travel to high altitudes.


Grant Grove Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
7/28/2020: Rangers responded to a report of a fight in progress at the Grant Tree parking area. The 911 call was transferred from Tulare County. Rangers responded and located a man and his 14-year-old daughter, who is developmentally disabled and had begun to physically fight her father when her mother and her live-in nurse walked to the Grant Tree without her. Rangers located the mother and nurse, who stated that the girl has had frequent prior similar episodes, adding that she is getting very strong. Rangers were able to engage with the girl to determine she did not sustain visible injuries, while keeping her calm. The family left in good spirits with ample Jr Ranger stickers.
Sierra Crest
7/31/2020: A 24-year-old man with severe GI issues, inability to keep food down, and a feeling of dizziness requested assistance from the wilderness ranger at LeConte Ranger Station. Assessment of the patient revealed that the man may have been experiencing altitude illness, as well as negative side effects of taking too much altitude medication. The party did not want helicopter evacuation, and with base hospital approval the patient refused further care and hiked out with two companions.
Cedar Grove Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
8/2/2020: Cedar Grove rangers were flagged down and received a report of a female on the Mist Falls trail who was bitten by a rattlesnake. Upon arrival, rangers found the patient at the Roads End Permit Office. The 38-year-old patient had visible puncture marks, discoloration, and pain/tingling in her right quad. A med ship was ordered, but due to weight restrictions the patient was unable to fly. Ambulance 4 transported the patient with the LifeFlight medic and nurse by ground. Patient and crew members were transferred to Sequoia Safety Council near Yucca Point and transported by ground to a landing zone in Squaw Valley where she was loaded into a LifeFlight helicopter for air transport to Kaweah Delta. Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

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• Experiencing an increase in people camping in closed sites and other rule violations in campgrounds.
• Number of vehicles entering the park for recreational purposes:

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks
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