Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks weekly incidents: Rescues from river to road


Ash Mountain
Rescues from river to road• 8/13/2020: The park received a report of a person requesting assistance due to an ankle injury near the Kaweah River. SAR responders accessed the patient and administered EMS care. A wheeled litter was used to evacuate the patient (in photo above) to the parking area where she was transported by private vehicle to Kaweah Delta Hospital. Rescues from river to road
Mineral King
Rescues from river to road• 8/12/2020: Rangers received an SOS from a woman at Upper Monarch Lake stating that there was a woman “cliffed out” on the west face of Sawtooth Peak (pictured above). Wilderness and trailhead rangers responded, as well as Helicopter 552. The woman was located by Helicopter 552 during a reconnaissance flight. Helicopter 552 conducted a short-haul rescue of the woman. The woman had sustained minor scrapes and bruises but was able to hike out. Rangers escorted her out to the parking lot at her request. Rescues from river to road


Grant Grove
Rescues from river to road• 8/11/2020: Grant Grove rangers and Ambulance 5 were called out early in the morning for a motor vehicle accident on the Generals Highway (in photo above). The driver complained of neck and lower back pain. The driver stated that his passenger-side tire went off the road shoulder, pulling the vehicle down an embankment. The vehicle rolled over and hit a giant sequoia. The driver was transported via ALS-staffed ambulance and, due to his seatbelt and airbags, was found to have suffered no severe injuries. Hazmat was called to pump a diesel fuel tank that was launched from the pickup bed.
Sierra Crest
• 8/15/2020: A wilderness ranger was informed of a 40-year-old male John Muir Trail hiker near the Kings River’s South Fork Crossing who was experiencing chest pain. The ranger responded from approximately 30 minutes away. The patient had an abnormal heart rhythm and was flown from the backcountry to an ALS ground ambulance in Ash Mountain. Rescues from river to road
Cedar Grove
• 8/10/2020: Rangers staffed Patrol 41 for a small wildland fire. Patrol 41 responded to a report of a smoldering fire on Hwy. 180 between Convict Flat and Grizzly Falls. P41 located the 3-by-3-foot fire at mile marker 133 on Hwy. 180, provided a size-up, and conducted mop-up until Engine 42 and Sequoia National Forest personnel arrived on scene to take over.
• 8/10/2020: Rangers responded with Patrol 41 to reports of a downed tree on Hwy. 180. Rangers found a large 3-foot DBH )diameter at breast height) oak across both lanes of traffic just west of Zumwalt Meadow blocking the egress of multiple vehicles. Rangers closed the road and bucked the tree with assistance from maintenance and Caltrans. Rescues from river to road
• 08/15/2020: Rangers and Patrol 41 responded to Hwy. 180/Canyon View Overlook for two large tress that fell and completely blocked the highway. Rangers cut and removed the trees and reopened the road.
• 8/16/2020: Rangers located a smoke column near the Don Cecil Trail and Lookout Peak. Cause of the fire was most likely lightning. Rangers also assisted securing a location on the South Fork of the Kings River for H552’s bucket drops.
Wilderness Branch:
• The wilderness office continues to receive about 60 wilderness permit reservation requests each day. Processing time is averaging 2-3 days. Availability is being updated once a week on the website to reduce applications for dates and trailheads with full quotas. The last day of permit quota season is 9/19, with the last day accepting reservations 9/5. Rescues from river to road

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