Sequoia-Kings Canyon: Travel advice and information

During holiday periods, on weekends, and every day in the summer and early fall, it is best to arrive at the Sequoia National Park entrance station before 10 a.m. to avoid long lines. On the busiest days, the line of cars waiting to enter Sequoia National Park can be two miles in length and take an hour or more of waiting (when you could otherwise be touring!).

Also, to reduce time at the entrance station, you may purchase a day pass (good for 7 days) online:

If you are visiting three national parks or more during your trip (or in the next 12 months), you will save money by purchasing an annual pass ($80 US). For more information, go to:

Weather: Call 559-565-3341 (press 9, then 4)

Road Conditions: Call 559-565-3341 (press 1, then 1)

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