Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents: A busy Labor Day weekend for rangers and other responders

A busy Labor Day weekend
Although it may be tempting, you are not allowed to take your own private helicopter to go camping in a Kings Canyon National Park backcountry meadow. See “Sierra Crest” incident below.


Ash Mountain A busy Labor Day weekend
9/3/2020: Rangers received a report of a child’s body in a pool near Potwisha Campground. The reporting party was an 11-year-old child. The area was canvassed. There were no missing children, and no one had reported any disturbances. Swimmers searched the pool and were unable to locate a body.
9/5/2020: Rangers responded to a mutual aid request with Tulare County for a missing 6-year-old child in the area of Sycamore Drive just outside the park boundary. The child had been missing for 45 minutes. Rangers deployed search teams with Tulare County deputies, and the child was located within 20 minutes, safe and unharmed at the base of a 20-foot drop off. The child was reunited with his parents and evaluated by Exeter Ambulance for medical concerns. A busy Labor Day weekend
9/5/2020: Rangers responded to a report of a 42-year-old male who had fallen 20 feet off the Marble Falls Trail, striking his head. Rangers responded and assessed the patient’s medical condition. The patient was assisted to the trail and patient care was turned over to Exeter Ambulance.
9/07/2020: Rangers received a report of a juvenile male who had fallen off some rocks and suffered head injuries. Rangers and Ambulance 6 responded and evaluated the patient. The patient’s parents declined ambulance transport. A busy Labor Day weekend
High Sierra
8/31/2020: Rangers received a report of a 67-year-old male at the Tyndall Creek/JMT junction complaining of dizziness and lethargy. Rangers responded and the patient declined medical attention at first. Patient again requested medical assistance later in the evening. The patient was evacuated by the park helicopter to Northern Inyo Hospital in Bishop on September 1.
9/2/2020: Rangers were contacted at Wallace Lake by an individual requesting some medical supplies and advice on self-evacuation. The individual was suffering from acute mountain sickness but believed they could make it out on their own.
9/3/2020: Rangers received a report of a 58-year-old male at the Crabtree Meadow camping area who had been vomiting and feeling sick for three days. An EMT assessed the patient and on 9/4/2020, the patient was flown to the Ash Mountain Helibase and transferred to a ground ambulance. A busy Labor Day weekend
Mineral King
9/5/2020: A private fixed-wing, single-engine aircraft was reported overdue by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. The pilot and one reported passenger departed from Visalia Airport at 1128 hours on 9/4/2020 traveling to the Needles Airport. The AFRCC notified park officials that the plane’s last radar location pinged in the park. Park officials were able to locate the aircraft at the provided coordinates. The plane left a track of debris of approximately 100 yards long. Both pilot and passenger were located deceased. A small fire was started as a result of the crash and was contained by park firefighters.A busy Labor Day weekend
Two fatalities in plane crash near Mineral King; victims identified

Grant Grove9/5/2020: Rangers provided an agency assist and responded to the Stony Creek Lodge to a report of a person with difficulty breathing. All units were cancelled by the patient once NPS units arrived on scene.9/5/2020: Grant Grove and Cedar Grove rangers responded to a medical assistant request from a river wader who lacerated his left shin with possible fracture while walking among the boulders. Patient was transferred to Fresno Emergency Medical Services ambulance.
9/6/2020: Park rangers provided medical assistance for an isolated puncture wound to the face from a falling limb in Sequoia National Forest. Patient was transferred to Sequoia Safety.
9/6/2020: Rangers were requested to assist a US Forest Service officer who was responding to a possible fight over a camping spot on the Big Meadows Road. The parties, totaling approximately 20 people, were separated and verbally deescalated by officers. A peaceful solution was negotiated, and one party was re-located.
Sierra Crest
9/4/2020: Cedar Grove rangers assisted with a medevac of a 64-year-old male that was reported by multiple parties of not being able to move for 3 days on the John Muir Trail/Woods Creek because of a knee injury. Helicopter 552 flew the patient to the Ash Mountain Helibase where he declined further medical.
9/4/2020: A wilderness ranger came upon a helicopter landed at Fergusson Meadow. The associated group appeared to be camping at the location. A follow-up investigation is being conducted by law enforcement from Grant Grove.
9/6/2020: An approximately 42-year-old male activated his SPOT device at Granite Lake. He sent a message to the IERCC stating he was having difficulty breathing. His device stopped transmitting shortly after. At the time of the activation the area unhealthy smoke conditions due to California wildfires. He later sent a message stating he had joined a larger group of hikers evacuating from the backcountry and did not need NPS assistance.
Cedar Grove
9/4/2020: A 64-year-old male with an ankle injury could not self-evacuate from the Woods Creek Crossing bridge. A ranger hiked to the patient from Rae Lakes to provide medical care. A plan was developed to extricate the patient by the Cedar Grove Pack Station on 9/7.
9/5/2020: Rangers transported a 42-year-old male with an open tib/fib leg fracture sustained from a fall at Road’s End. Rendezvous was made with Sequoia Safety near the McKenzie helispot off Hwy. 180.
9/6/2020: Ambulance 4 responded to a 6-year-old male with a nosebleed and dehydration. The call was cleared with an EMS visitor assist.

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