Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents: Ambulances and helicopters at the ready

Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents
This National Park Service photo from 2013 shows search-and-rescue personnel readying an injured climber on El Capitan for helicopter transport. Helicopters can place rescuers at the scene of an incident more quickly, ultimately saving lives.


• 8/3/2020: Ambulance 6 was flagged down near the Lower Sherman Parking Area at approximately 6:20 pm for a 38-year-old woman who had fallen on the Congress Trail and injured her ankle. Rangers responded to the patient and provided care. The patient decided to attempt to make her way off the trail with crutches and ranger assistance. The patient was transported by personal vehicle to the hospital. Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents
• 8/5/2020: Ambulance 6 responded to Wuksachi Lodge for a patient dispatched as severe abdominal pain. The patient was a 46-year-old male who was suffering from severe abdominal pain with a history of heart issues. The patient refused transport and after base hospital contact self-transported to the hospital.


Grant Grove
• 8/3/2020: Rangers were notified by Torrance Police Department of a male and a female filed as missing by the female’s mother when they did not return from a trip to Sequoia National Park on Sunday, August 2. It was reported that they did not show for work on August 3. An investigation was initiated with rangers checking for the vehicle, as well as cell phone tracing. The individuals were located outside of the park and in no distress. Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents
• 8/3/2020: Rangers provided Incident Command for an allergic reaction at Rae Lakes.
• A 73-year-old female horse rider was thrown on the Hitchcock Meadow trail, leading to a 911 call to Tulare and Fresno EMS. NPS eventually was contacted and provided a carry out to Fresno EMS. It appeared to be an isolated extremity fracture.
• InReach SOS activation for a rib injury. H551 transported a 42-year-old male and delivered him to a ground ambulance that took him to Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia.
• InReach SOS activation for 73-year-old female with potential cardiac symptoms including dizziness and left arm pain, then no response to IERCC messaging. Rangers flew to the location to find the female unwilling to fly out of the backcountry, even with urging from a Community Regional Medical Center doctor. Rangers had to help patient deactivate her SOS. Device unfamiliarity may have played a role in this unnecessary flight. Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents
Revenue and Fee Management Branch:
• Continuing to see an increase in people camping in closed sites and other rule violations in campgrounds.
• A local social media page has had postings (from a member not site organizer) of incorrect information about the interagency military pass. The post gives readers the impression that all veterans get into the parks for free. It does not accurately state the eligibility requirements of the interagency military pass.
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Sequoia-Kings Canyon weekly incidents

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