Sherman Prescribed Burn now in self-extinguishing stage

Managed fire in the Giant Forest protects giant sequoias from uncontrolled fire while also assisting with regeneration of the Big Trees. (National Park Service photo)

Ignitions on the Sherman Prescribed Burn are complete. A total of 245 acres were treated since Monday, July 8. With ignitions complete, firefighters will continue to patrol the area as vegetation inside the unit burns down.
The Sherman Prescribed Burn is located in the Giant Forest area of Sequoia National Park, approximately one half mile northeast of the Giant Forest Museum.  The smoke density will lessen as fuels within the prescribed burn area are consumed and ultimately self-extinguish.
Visitors driving or hiking near the area may see smoke and/or areas of active flame. Open trails could possibly have smoke, smoldering, or pockets of fire. In these areas, stay on trails and observe all signs and instructions.
Here is what is accessible and what is not:
Access to the General Sherman Tree remains open from the Sherman Tree parking lots.
Open: The eastern (uphill) side of the Congress Trail to its intersection with the Alta Trail, and the previously closed section of the Alta Trail. 
Closed: Closures will be clearly marked.
The western (downhill) side of the Congress Trail remains closed. A section of the Rimrock Trail also remains closed. All trails in segment one remain closed.  

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