Sierra sees June snow


For anyone hiking in the Sierra last weekend, it didn’t feel like summer was just 10 days away. There were daily storms, and on Sunday, June 12, various mountain locales received snow, and the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory. 

In Kings Canyon National Park, at elevations 10,000 and above, three inches of snow was reported. Tioga Pass, at 9,900 feet in Yosemite National Park, also received snow. And three inches of snow fell at Mammoth on the Sierra’s east side.

Winter conditions continued into Monday, June 13, over the Sierra Crest. The Mount Whitney webcam showed snow down to 11,000 feet.

And on the highest portions of the Generals Highway, there was a trace of snow. 

If the cool days and chilly nights this week weren’t to your liking, then you will LOVE next week’s forecast! A heat wave is on the way, and daytime temperatures will be well over 100 degrees every day for at least a week. That ought to accelerate the snowmelt that is still clogging the highest reaches of the Sierra.


Summer is June 20

The summer solstice is Monday, June 20, at 3:34 pm. On this day, the sun has reached its northernmost point — its farthest point from the equator — and the North Pole tilts toward the sun at its location directly over the Tropic of Cancer. June 20th will provide the most daylight of the year with sunrise at 5:40 am and sunset at 8:18 pm. The daylight hours decrease after this date. 

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