Slicky fight leads to bloodshed


When hundreds of river-goers crowd into way too small of an area on a sweltering day, tempers will flair. Add into the mix gang affiliations from rival neighborhoods, and there’s bound to be trouble.

Apparently that was a recipe for violence at Slicky on Sunday, June 28. According to unconfirmed reports, the incident began when two rival groups started trash talking. A fight ensued that ended when one large contingent left the area. 

Several locals said later it was apparent that the situation was escalating and a number of witnesses called the Sheriff’s Department for help. It was reported that no deputies responded. 

Rocks were thrown and more insults were hurled. A man who was staying at a house near Slicky reported he saw at least one individual with lots of blood on his clothing run to a waiting car.

It is unclear if the victim was punched, hit with a rock, or stabbed. What is clear that during the busy July 4th weekend there will be more crowds seeking to cool off at the accessible river sites, which are basically Slicky and Slick Rock. 

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