SNHA office closed temporarily due to water damage


Sometime after business hours on Friday, March 21, the Sequoia National History Association office at Ash Mountain in Sequoia National Park was flooded with water when a half-inch pipe to a sink broke. The catastrophe was discovered over the weekend by an employee who stopped in to pick up supplies. 

It was estimated that the water had been running for at least 12 hours. After drying out the office building of wall-to-wall water, a decision will be made whether replacing the entire floor and sub floor is necessary. 

Most of the SNHA work, which includes planning for the rapidly approaching visitor season, will be done remotely until the clean-up fix-up effort is completed.

SNHA handles the reservations for the Pear Lake Ski Hut this time of year. And it’s been a season with a lot of inquiries since those who have booked the hut want to know trail conditions, such as snow or no snow? Skis or hiking boots?

The nonprofit park support group also manages Crystal Cave, which is scheduled to open for the season on May 10.

To contact SNHA, email ( will currently be better than telephone. 

The office is expected to be closed through mid April.

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