Snow Chasers extend Big L Ranch blueberry season

Snow Chasers extend Big L
Jada Lee, who with her husband, Matt, owns the Big L Ranch, instructs Harvest Night pickers in how to get a pound of organic blues, included with the $8 admission fee.

Harvest Nights finale Snow Chasers extend Big L

This weekend marks the last hurrah for the local blueberry season. It was a watershed year for the Big L Ranch in Woodlake. Harvest Nights, in spite of some anxiety about COVID-19, more than doubled in attendance from last year. Handwashing sinks when you arrive and 10 acres to spread out, patrons practiced social distancing and used common sense to stay safe.  

The seven nights of blueberry picking, food, music, and family fun is now firmly established on the local event scene. The 2020 series concludes this week with a grand finale: A Summer Solstice Dance Party with DJ John Lewis and sandwiches by KC Pulled Pork, sprinklers at the river beach for the kids, and lots of giveaways. Don’t miss this signature kickoff to Summer 2020.

Snow Chasers extend Big L
Snow Chasers are the earliest ripening variety of the California blues. The Big L was so impressed by their test planting they devoted an entire acre that will be opened to public picking in April 2021.

Snow Chaser Snow Chasers extend Big L

Snow Chasers extend Big L
Snow chasers are the earliest ripening of the California blueberries. The next crop at the Big L Ranch in Woodlake will be ripe and ready to pick in April 2021.

If you’ve become an organic blueberry aficionado then you know that the Big L has five acres planted in five varieties: Suzi Blue, Ventura, San Joaquin, Star, and Snow Chaser.  The aptly named Snow Chaser is the earliest variety of blueberries grown at Big L Ranch. The other four varieties ripen in May and June. You’ve missed their window in 2020 but that means something to look forward to in 2021.  

Big L planted a 100-bush test block of Snow Chasers in 2016 and loved them so much they decided to plant their fifth and final acre in this variety.  2021 will be the first year opening the new planting to public picking, so mark your calendars for Easter 2021 as a reminder that these early blues are ripe and ready for harvest. Snow Chasers extend Big L

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