Sporadic SCE outages will continue during October


The scattered power outages that have been a daily routine for Three Rivers residents somewhere since system repair work began October 1 will continue into late October. The timetable for when and where outages occur is determined by the locations where contractors are working to replace poles, according to a statement issued by the Southern California Edison corporate office in Rosemead. 
In order to provide customers with power during the repair work, SCE connects generators to area circuits. The generators are not intended to be a permanent fix and will be removed once the replacement work is completed.
The widespread unscheduled outage that occurred Thursday, Oct. 5, and knocked out power to an estimated 1,700 customers, including the Sierra Drive business district, was caused by a failure of the generators. Power along Sierra Drive went out shortly after 10 a.m. and was not restored until four hours later. Some customers in outlying areas were reportedly without power for nearly 24 hours. 
On Saturday, Oct. 7, electricity was again interrupted for nearly three hours midday as crews shut down the generators in their ongoing efforts to stabilize power during interruptions.
A company spokesperson said the issues that caused the extended and widespread outages have been resolved.
However, as the work progresses, customers will be transferred from the temporary generators and reconnected to the permanent system. During this time, customers will experience additional power interruptions. 
On Tuesday, Oct. 17, starting at approximately 1 a.m., all Three Rivers customers below the substation at SCE’s Power House No. 1 (near Mineral King Road) will experience an outage that will last about an hour.
Throughout the remainder of the next two weeks, small groups of customers will have outages during daylight hours because helicopters will be used to set poles. There are scheduled long-term outages for October 17, 18, and 19 (numbers 851392, 852046, and 851929). Affected customers have been notified by SCE. 
Mary Ann Milbourn, media relations project manager, said that SCE understands the inconvenience outages can cause and appreciates the patience of Three Rivers customers as the company works to improve the safety and reliability of the area’s electric system.         

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