SQF Complex is international training ground

“We were super fortunate… to benefit from 100 additional skilled CONAFOR firefighters,” (Taya Levine, USFS International Seminar)

Not withstanding the disaster that became the largest fire in Tulare County history, there was also opportunity. Taking advantage of the CONAFOR crews of 100 skilled firefighters from Mexico being in the U.S. for the first time ever, the USFS International Seminar on Disaster Management had cadre members on the Mineral King Road on Friday, October 16.  Knowing their 2012 annual seminar would have to be a virtual one, facilitators spent several days on the Sequoia Incident capturing the operational cycle of daily incident management. SQF Complex is international

In a normal year, 20 to 25 disaster management professionals from all over the world gather in California to learn disaster management. And why not California? All the major disasters occur here on a regular basis.

Capturing the operational cycle for daily incident management, now created for computer made necessary by COVID-19, the seminar team was on the Mineral King Road to make “virtual learning tools”  for an experiential learning program. SQF Complex is international

“We’re here in part because of the CONAFOR crew. The crew is here as a function of our international cooperative agreements with other countries. And so the Forest Service has been really successful in partnering with CONAFOR for decades,” said Taya Levine, seminar facilitator. “We go over and provide training and shadowing for their incident management teams, their crews come here and they learn from our systems. When incidents like this [SQF Complex] happen we were super fortunate this month with the catastrophe in California to benefit from 100 additional skilled firefighters to come here and augment our existing resources.” 

In this 3R News video interview, Taya Levine explains how the firefighters from Mexico, for the first time ever in the U.S. got here, and how the Forest Service documented their work that they will use to teach other countries how to implement the U.S. Incident Management System. SQF Complex is international


SQF Complex is international
Taya Levine, USFS Disaster Management Seminar cadre member (right), coordinates logistics with CONAFOR firefighters on Mineral King Road. The Sequoia Incident furnished an invaluable opportunity for Disaster Management Seminar members to create virtual learning tools to teach the world how to manage disasters. Videography by Ethan Paggi.

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