St. Junipero Serra Chapel


In 2015, a generous donation of $1.25 million from Robert and Mary Hohne of Three Rivers, paved the way for construction to be completed on a 2,600-square-foot chapel. Today, St. Junipero Serra Chapel stands overlooking the entire Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center campus. 
On Sunday afternoon, July 1, the St. Anthony community gathered at the Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center to celebrate the dedication of the St. Junipero Serra Chapel. 
At the closing of the blessing ceremony presided over by Msgr. Ray Dreiling, VG (vicar general of the Diocese of Fresno), cabinetmaker Peter Doyle shared a heartfelt anecdote. After being given sequoia wood to design interior elements for the chapel, it occurred to Doyle that here he was, a 20th century cabinetmaker, creating something to honor Jesus Christ, a carpenter who lived 2,000 years ago when this same sequoia wood was growing nearby. Doyle’s work is a tangible reminder and fitting tribute to those days when Jesus lived and worked humbly among all mankind.

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