Stolen Jaws of Life recovered


Apparently, the thief who stole the extraction equipment from the Tulare County fire engine parked at the Lemon Cove Fire Station three weeks ago couldn’t find a buyer for the Jaws of Life or the car they were transporting it in ( On Friday, March 11, Exeter police officers spotted a suspicious parked vehicle and upon closer inspection discovered that the vehicle had been stolen and apparently abandoned. Inside was the $18,000 worth of lifesaving extraction equipment. 

The valuable Jaws of Life was promptly returned to the Tulare County Fire Department.

No arrests have been made in the case and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information in the case should contact Sgt. Brett Inglehart, Exeter Police Department, at 592-3103.

In another theft at a fire station, a federal government vehicle was burglarized at the National Park Service’s Hammond Fire Station on Mineral King Road. The break-in occurred sometime on Thursday, March 17, or Friday, March 18. 

The loss was estimated at $3,182. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at (559) 733-6218 or send anonymous information by texting or sending an email to or call (559) 725-4194.

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