Stolen Three Rivers vehicle recovered in Badger


Most local residents don’t worry too much about being a victim of auto theft. In the past decade there have only been a handful of vehicle thefts in Three Rivers. These thefts occurred when a thief or thieves entered a remote property and came across the keys to a vehicle left unattended.
The most recent vehicle theft occurred Thursday, July 5, when a late-model Ford pickup was parked along Sierra Drive in one of the parking spaces between Anne Langs Emporium and Three Rivers Market that are at a premium during the busy visitor season.
The pickup belonged to a local business owner who often makes trips back and forth from home to business so the keys are sometimes left in the vehicle. This time when the vehicle’s owner came out to drive off, the pickup was gone.
But as proof that Kaweah Country remains a small world, Mark Frick, Three Rivers resident deputy who also covers the area’s other mountain communities, received a call the following day to check on a person acting strangely near a truck parked on Hogback Road in Badger.
The truck turned out to be the Ford pickup stolen from Three Rivers the night before. The woman’s strange behavior that attracted the attention of the caller was that she was not wearing any clothing. 
Arrested at the scene and taken into custody was Pria Mims, 22, of Badger. The stolen truck was returned.
In other local law enforcement activity, two Visalia residents were apprehended Sunday, July 1, for shoplifting beer and liquor from Three Rivers Market. The two suspects – Ashley Isiderio, 21, and Jose Gonzalez, 25, were arrested after being pulled over while driving northbound on Highway 198.
The stolen alcohol was valued at $68.78 and enough of a loss for the suspects to be charged with felonies. 

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