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It’s not necessary to burn fossil fuel any longer for a 70-mile roundtrip to a Visalia farmers’ market. Molly Lawson, a Three Rivers resident, has got you covered for all your organic, seasonal, freshly picked, Tulare County-grown produce needs.

She has her new Sage Roots Produce Stand set up twice weekly at Ol’ Buckaroo Roadside Restaurant on Sierra Drive. Find Molly on Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m., and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to noon, at Ol’ Buckaroo Roadside Restaurant.

Stop by to pick up fresh selections or sign up for the CSA (community-supported agriculture) plan, which will provide customers with regular delivery of a box filled to the brim with organic produce.

Eating seasonally with a fresh-from-the-field harvest the way nature intended. Saving money by not having to drive long distances in search of such bounty. Supporting local organic farmers. This is the definition of all-around healthy. 

What’s closed

My Sister’s Closet, a second-hand clothing store owned and operated by Cindy Skeen, closed in mid October. The business, which first was housed in the building next to Anne Lang’s Emporium then moved later to the strip next to Cort Gallery, was open for seven years.

Sierra Surplus & Survival, located in the newly renovated building upriver from Anne Lang’s Emporium, also closed in mid October. The owners, Warren and Jill Campbell, had operated the shop that supplied outdoor equipment and survival gear for the past three years.

Word trickled in from famished patrons looking for a meal that We Three Bakery hung out the CLOSED sign. According to an employee of the popular breakfast and lunch cafe, there was no reason to expect the closure, business was slowing like usual for this time of year.

“We were all called into pick up our last checks, and that’s about all there was to it,” said the employee.

We Three Bakery and Restaurant has operated in Three Rivers since 1979. Originally owned by Pete Chavez, the restaurant was owned and operated since April 2006 by his son, Craig Chavez. 

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