Subway owners attend 3R community plan meeting


Three Rivers Subway partners Matt Ackerman and Sunny Basra attended the Monday, April 14, Three Rivers Community Plan meeting. The owners distributed a five-page packet that contained contact information, a copy of the building permit application, a topo survey of the property, construction plan, and a drawing of the outdoor signage.

Ackerman said he was enthused about creating a Subway restaurant that would be a good addition to the Three Rivers business community. Remodeling of the former Silver Spur/Creekside Yarns building across from the Three Rivers Post Office on Highway 198 is scheduled to begin next week.

When queried as to whether the Subway would need a special-use permit, Michael Spata, associate director of the county Resource Management Agency, said, “Subway is compatible with the zoning and the General Plan Update so only a building permit is required.”

The monthly meeting also considered a number of communities with similar planning issues. Dave Bryant, Tulare County’s special projects planner, also provided the LAFCO requirements for further discussion on incorporation.

“The key issues for LAFCO are property taxes and tax revenue from the businesses,” Spata said. “Is there enough revenue to support vital community services?”

The next community plan meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 12. For more information, call Dave Bryant, 624-7130.         

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