Suspects arrested in vacation home burglary


Josh Galindo, 18, of Visalia and two 16-year-olds were arrested Tuesday, Feb. 24, in connection with a February 21 burglary at a residence in the 43500 block of Dinely Drive in Three Rivers. The thieves gained entry through a rear door. 

With so many local owners renting remodeled properties to tourists, burglaries are on the increase. In recent months, several break-ins have been reported at unoccupied vacation properties. 

Last Saturday’s burglary of a Dinely Drive vacation residence occurred while a party of nine German tourists was out sightseeing. Taken in the heist were four laptops, a Kindle e-reader, and a Nintendo 3DS along with passports, miscellaneous documents, and some jewelry.

The electronics, valued at $7,000, were all recovered and returned to their owners. A break in the investigation came when a 16-year-old female was located in Visalia in possession of most of the stolen property. 

The female suspect was arrested for receiving stolen property. Still missing in the case are passports and other personal items. 

Mark Frick, Three Rivers deputy sheriff, said local residents could help in deterring these break-ins by installing a motion-activated trail/game camera.

“For as little as $60 you can install one of these cams on your property that can take a digital photo of anything that comes within the typical range of 60 to 100 feet,” Deputy Frick said. “These cams also process infrared shots of nighttime images.”

Deputy Frick said the cameras are easy to install and are set up in an inconspicuous looking box. 

“When they are not taking photos of prowlers, just think of all the cool animal pictures you’ll get,” he said.

Anyone with information about this case or any other Three Rivers or Lemon Cove crime may call Deputy Frick at 740-8894.  


Unlawful entry of mailboxes occurs in Cherokee Oaks 

On Thursday night, Feb. 19, just before midnight, a private property owner’s security camera in the Cherokee Oaks neighborhood caught a couple of potential thieves stopping their vehicle on the street while the passenger got out and went through the mailboxes.

According to the number of opened mailboxes seen on Friday morning, the culprits went through most of the neighborhood looking for mail. Anyone who is missing mail should report it to the Three Rivers Post Office and local deputy Mark Frick.

Entering a mailbox without the owner’s permission is a felony. People are swindled out of millions of dollars every year by mail scams and mail theft. 

Anyone who is caught taking or opening another person’s mail will either be fined or imprisoned. Mail theft can occur from a post office, private mailbox, or any other authorized receptacle. 

It is as equally illegal to tamper with someone’s private mailbox as it is to tamper with a public mail receptacle. It is also illegal to buy or sell any item stolen from a mailbox.

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