Swimmer rescued at Slick Rock


Even in a below-normal snowpack and a lower than average runoff season, the swift current and chilly springtime water of the Kaweah River can be dangerous. In fact, the lower flows can be even more alluring, enticing river-goers in for a dip on a warm evening.

That’s evidently what happened to Edgar Macias who entered the river near the Slick Rock boat ramp. Shortly before 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 19, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher received a call that a man had been swept away in the current in the upper basin of Lake Kaweah and was stranded on the north side of the river.      

When Sheriff’s Department rescuers arrived on the scene, the stranded subject was located on the north side of the river near where he was reportedly last seen. The man was rescued and reportedly uninjured.

Forecasted rains for this weekend could cause a sudden rise in water levels and some flash flooding in areas of the Kaweah River drainage. Boaters, fisherman, swimmers, and river hikers are reminded to use extreme caution on and around any water, especially in locales with slippery rocks and swift-moving currents. 

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