Three Rivers artist publishes wildflower book

Jana Botkin of Three Rivers, who has her name on pencil drawings of local landmarks, oil paintings of High Sierra scenes, and murals from here to Exeter, has released a new book devoted to the identification of wildflowers in Mineral King. And the time to get this book is now because wildflowers will be prolific this year once spring arrives in the higher elevations.

For the layperson, this is one of the easiest identification guides that will ever be encountered. First of all, it is arranged in chapters according to the color of the bloom. That makes the flower easy to find without knowing anything else about it. Second, all flowers are identified by their common names, making it easy to learn and retain the name of each flower. If a flower’s scientific name is desired, the book provides enough information for the user to dig deep elsewhere for every blooming thing they want to know.

The book is written in Jana’s entertaining folksy style to which followers of her longtime blog ( have become accustomed. She even fesses up to what she doesn’t know. Each chapter ends with flowers encountered but not able to be identified by the author.

Jana has been on this quest for many years; decades, in fact. Ever since she became a summer resident of the historic mountain community on Mineral King, where she met and married her husband, she has been photographing the wildflowers she has come upon and learning all the names she could find. The public gets to reap the reward of this quest without putting in half as many miles as Jana has on the trails.

Grab a hand-signed copy of the book on Saturday, April 27, at the Three Rivers Historical Museum (42268 Sierra Dr.) and meet Jana at the author’s reception from noon to 4 p.m. The cost of the book is $19.78, a fair price with a special meaning to the author; that’s the year Mineral King was added to Sequoia National Park.

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