Three Rivers author releases debut novel


She’s a mother of two young children and assists her husband in his business. One might think that there wouldn’t be much time left in the day for Alaura Shouse to publish a novel, let alone begin another one.

Although The Hiding was just released last month, Alaura is at work on the second book in what she is calling “The Endeavor Saga.” She anticipates that book two, entitled “Violent Exposure,” will be published this coming fall; the third book, “REvolution,” is scheduled to be released in late 2015. And because her mind is constantly churning out new plots and characters, there may even be a fourth book in the series. 

Alaura, 33, writes everyday in a cubbyhole adjacent to her living room, many times into the early morning hours when the kids are fast asleep. Book Two of the Endeavor Saga is her primary focus these days, but she regularly jots down or voice-records notes for future fiction projects.

She describes The Hiding as part science fiction, part romance; okay, lots of romance with a side of paranormal. Its genre is actually “New Adult,” a fairly new category of novel. That means the book will appeal to readers in their late teens to late 30s (but those who look at 30 in the rearview mirror will also be enthralled).

Alaura and her husband, Dustin, have lived in Three Rivers since 2008. She is originally from Visalia and graduated from Golden West High School in 1999.

After high school, she attended College of the Sequoias in Visalia, but she couldn’t quite put a finger on what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She studied nursing, nutrition, then dental hygiene. She decided not to pursue any of the above as a career but, she said, the various subject matter has made her a better writer.

In 2004, Alaura and Dustin were married. They relocated to Oregon for a while, but returned to the area six years ago, settling in Three Rivers. They have two children, a daughter, 8, and son, 2.

The discovery of a career occurred because of Alaura’s penchant to make up original bedtime stories for her daughter. Recognizing that her passion was writing, she honed her skills at the Institute of Children’s Literature where she received instruction in Creative Writing for Print and Publication. Her first paid gig was writing children’s stories for a magazine.

The Hiding has been in the works for four years. The novel is self-published through’s CreateSpace.

Although self-publishing ensures that an author’s book hits retail bookshelves and is an affordable option for a fledgling author, Alaura made quite an investment in her debut work. She enlisted the professional services of a cover artist, a conceptual editor, and a copy editor to ensure a legitimate product.

Written in the first person, the novel invites the reader to join Aubrey Masen on her quest for a new life. She finds herself in the rugged Montana backcountry, looking for independence, and ends up on a journey of self-discovery. The knight in shining armor arrives “like a bolt of lightning… He was disheveled, more than rough around the edges, almost feral.”

Everybody better get to reading The Hiding because there are two, maybe three, more in the series coming soon. And it won’t stop there. Ask Alaura if she has any ideas for what is next, she can rattle off several other plots that will most likely one day make it onto paper (or e-book). 

For now, The Hiding may be purchased at in paperback or digital format. In the search bar, type “The Hiding by Alaura Shouse.”  

It is also available at other online vendors, including Barnes and Noble. In addition, the book will soon be for sale at outlets in Three Rivers.

For more information on Three Rivers’s newest novelist, go to To meet Alaura in person, purchase a signed copy of her book, and hear a selected reading from The Hiding, attend the Author’s Reception at the Three Rivers Historical Museum during April’s 1st Saturday festivities. 

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